Our Vision ~ Drunemeton CIRCLE

The following proposal is for the concept, creation and management of DSCT Centre for Integrated Rebuilding & Cooperative Life Experiences (DSCT CIRCLE).

DSCT CIRCLE is a blueprint for the off-grid, eco-sustainable communities we hope to eventually set up, which amongst other things, will be spiritual and diplomatic missions.

Vision for the First DSCT CIRCLE

DSCT aims to create a centre on DSCT lands which will welcome interested people to stay at the centre as visitors, in order for them to immerse themselves in various experiences, activities and life skills offered by the centre, including living in a sustainable way, teaching and learning skills, crafts and experiences related to this, exploring their creativity and talents, trading goods and services using alternative methods outside of the current monetary system, and adding to the richness of personalities, experiences and skills at the centre.

The overarching principles by which the DSCT CIRCLE will be guided by are those of Natural Law as set out in our Constitution.

Core Guiding Principles of DSCT CIRCLE

In addition to the principles of Natural Law, DSCT CIRCLE will be implemented and run according to these core guiding principles:

~ Striving to treat all living beings, including people, animals and plants, with kindness, compassion, respect and fairness.

~ Aiming to provide a peaceful, productive, creative and supportive environment where people, animals and plants feel welcomed, happy, inspired and loved.

~ Trading and paying for goods and services in alternative ways to the current profit-oriented and debt-based monetary system. Alternatives to be considered and used, where practical, include cryptocurrency, sweat equity and payments in kind (exchanging and/or bartering).

~ Seeking to live, consume, build and travel in ways that have minimal impact on nature and wildlife; including consumption and use of goods and products which inflict less damage to all life; and reducing, reusing, repurposing and recycling of waste as far as practically possible.

~ Acting on these principles in all endeavours and interactions, as far as practically possible. This includes bans of the following activities by anyone living on, or visiting DSCT lands:

  • Hunting, killing, keeping and enslavement of animals for sport, entertainment, utility, food, or other services for people,
  • Poisoning of plants and animals, and needless clearing of trees and plants which are always wildlife habitats before they are human habitats,
  • Use of facilities or equipment provided by DSCT CIRCLE, or trading of DSCT CIRCLE goods and services without permission of DSCT Trustees and purely for monetary gain and/or personal profit of individuals, to the detriment of the community. This naturally doesn’t apply to residents who have negotiated with DSCT Trustees the right to partake in paid work or sell their individually-made products or services, and/or who will be adding some of their earnings to the overall DSCT CIRCLE funding pot.

DSCT CIRCLE Key Areas of Focus

DSCT CIRCLE aims to create 3 key areas of focus to accomplish these core guiding principles:

More information on each of the three key areas of focus appears below.

1. DSCT Circle of Creativity and Learning

This key area of focus will encourage learning, teaching and exploring through our heads and our connection to the universe.

Relevant subjects, skills and lifestyles to be learnt, taught, explored and experienced include these examples:

  • Harmonious community living guided by the principles of individuals living together under natural laws and empowered by their appreciation of co-operative communities,
  • Alternative and debt-free co-operative trade networks,
  • Living in tune with nature as natural beings instead of dominant ones, including appreciating that animals and plants also have rights to live freely and naturally,
  • Growing and using vegetables, fruit, herbs and other plants for healthy food and natural medicine, and using applicable ones in preference to commercial pharmaceuticals, whenever practical,
  • Natural eating and healing, including vegan and vegetarian diets and lifestyles, as well as holistic healing philosophies,
  • Spiritual connections, philosophies and mind-body-spirit balancing through yoga, meditation, tai chi and the like, as well as alternative/holistic therapies,
  • Artistic expression and creative crafts, including but not limited to writing, painting, handmade crafts, photography, etc,
  • Study of underpinning skills and knowledge needed in order to wholeheartedly pursue self-sustaining and nature-friendly lifestyles.

2. DSCT Circle of Construction and Restoration

This key area of focus will encourage learning, teaching and exploring through our hands and our senses.

Relevant subjects, skills and lifestyles to be learnt, taught, explored and experienced include the following examples:

  • Repairing and re-purposing objects and devices rather than constantly purchasing new ones,
  • Investigating, constructing and repairing mechanisms for sustainable living, including free or clean energy devices,
  • Building, repairing and maintaining dwellings and other buildings utilising a variety of natural and/or recycled materials,
  • Repairing and maintaining vehicles including nature-friendly vehicles such as bicycles or boats and those which do not rely, or rely less on fossil fuels to run, such as electric cars,
  • Inventing, designing and crafting alternative goods and products which support and encourage living in sustainable and nature-friendly ways as opposed to those reliant on single consumption and waste,
  • Honing survival skills (bush craft) such as building emergency shelters, foraging for food and medicine in the wild, making fires, and constructing and using weapons in order to protect one’s family and community if in danger.

3. DSCT Circle of Sanctuary for Animals

This key area of focus will be the rescue and sanctuary of farm or zoo animals and/or injured or displaced wildlife, especially those affected adversely by human activities. The aim is to provide loving, compassionate and supportive care and healing for as long as the rescued animals need it (in some cases this will be for the rest of their lives), with the long-term aim of releasing some wildlife back into suitable wild environments, as far as practically possible.

This key area of focus will encourage learning, teaching and exploring through our hearts and the interdependence between people, animals and nature. Relevant subjects, skills and lifestyles to be learnt, taught, explored and experienced include the following examples:

  • Providing safe and healthy dwellings, food, medical care and other requirements for different species of animals in our care, which mimic, as much as practically possible, the lifestyles and preferences they would have if living in the wild,
  • Growing and using vegetables, fruit, herbs and other plants for healthy food and natural medicine, and using applicable ones in preference to commercial pharmaceuticals, whenever practical, for the animals in our care,
  • Setting aside areas of land which will be allowed to be natural, without human interference, to enable wild animals and plants to thrive in natural ecosystems as they are meant to,
  • Understanding and connecting with the complex emotions, intelligences and spiritual nature of the animals in our care, and those of other animals on Earth,
  • Exploring, upholding, learning and teaching about the similarities between, and interconnectedness of all beings, including people and animals; so as to encourage love, kindness, respect and compassion towards animals, and to discourage speciesism and the keeping, enslavement or killing of animals to serve people,
  • Supporting (through money, education and/or sweat equity) other animal rescue centres, zoos and/or wildlife conservation areas to move towards more animal-friendly policies incorporating the rights of animals to live freely and as nature intended.

Setting DSCT CIRCLE in Motion

DSCT CIRCLE core guiding principles and areas of focus areas will be enabled once the people, lands, buildings, equipment and other means are in place for these.

To initiate the process, it is envisaged that a large area of land with some dwellings or buildings, possibly in Scotland, will need to be purchased with fiat currency or cryptocurrency, and then additional dwellings, workshops, other buildings, enclosures, vehicles, tools and equipment will need to be purchased, built or developed as soon as possible thereafter. It is hoped that people with skills and talents needed will participate and/or join over time to enhance the learning, teaching and experiences at DSCT CIRCLE.

We intend that DSCT CIRCLE will be at the heart of the community in the area it is established in. We will encourage people from the community to visit and partake in teaching and learning, and if they wish to, by establishing their own communities, once they’ve seen and experienced our centre.

We also hope to share skills and knowledge, take part in community activities, support small community businesses, and trade goods and services with the surrounding community, encouraging bartering and co-operative trade networking. Above all, we aim to act as an example of what can be achieved by focusing on love, kindness and respect, rather than money, profit and greed.

Management and Funding of DSCT CIRCLE

In order to manage and sustain DSCT CIRCLE for the long-term, it will be necessary to allocate and manage the funding thereof at the discretion of DSCT Trustees and according to the following principles:

Although the ultimate aim is to live outside of the current monetary system as much as possible, it is inevitable there will be costs associated with the day to day running and maintaining of DSCT CIRCLE, many of which will need to be paid in fiat currency and/or cryptocurrency, at least in the near future. We hope to reach a position eventually where we have moved away from fiat or cryptocurrency almost altogether, with co-operative trade networks based on bartering and/or sweat equity exchanges instead.

It is hoped, as more Trustees and/or Beneficiaries join DSCT (subject to approval by DSCT Trustees), and people visit and partake in DSCT CIRCLE, that additional funds necessary to run, maintain and develop it on an ongoing basis will become available from grants, donations, gifts, crowdfunding, and payments raised from sale of goods or services by DSCT Trustees and Beneficiaries to others for the purposes of generating funding to run, maintain and develop DSCT CIRCLE.

Initial funding will be allocated first and foremost to cover the costs of acquiring and setting up some land, basic buildings and equipment for DSCT CIRCLE, the costs for the initial Trustees and Beneficiaries of DSCT to move and settle on DSCT CIRCLE lands, with the aim of living permanently, and for their bills, food and accommodation while they are setting up DSCT CIRCLE.

It is important to note that alternate methods of funding these living, maintenance and development costs on an ongoing basis may need to be sought after the initial setting up period. This could include release of Trustees/Beneficiaries/residents of DSCT CIRCLE for a nominated number of days per week or month, in order for them to undertake work elsewhere, which will be paid in fiat or cryptocurrency, or to sell their individually-produced products or services. It will be expected that a certain proportion of their earnings will be put into DSCT CIRCLE funding pot (to be negotiated), and the rest will be theirs to keep, to pay for personal effects/personal costs as they see fit.

Any visitors to DSCT CIRCLE will be welcome to stay at DSCT CIRCLE for a maximum of approximately one month, depending on the activities they are partaking in at DSCT CIRCLE, and at the discretion of DSCT Trustees, and visitors will be expected to trade their sweat equity (any relevant skills for setting up, running or maintaining DSCT CIRCLE) while visiting and experiencing the centre, in exchange for food and temporary accommodation.

If visitors to DSCT CIRCLE or other people wish to make a more long-term or permanent commitment (subject to approval by DSCT Trustees), in that they may wish to settle for a longer term or permanently at the centre, and participate for a longer term or permanently by offering their skills and sweat equity to enable the continuous running of DSCT CIRCLE, they may need to arrange external, separate, ongoing funding or earnings to support their personal upkeep, housing, bills, food, equipment, vehicles, and any other personal needs, in either cryptocurrency and/or fiat.

In addition, it will be expected that any longer-term or more permanent participants or residents at DSCT CIRCLE will donate a share of their separate funding/earnings in either cryptocurrency and/or fiat (amount to be agreed with DSCT Trustees) into DSCT CIRCLE funding pot.

The DSCT CIRCLE funding pot will be used to cover general costs for ongoing bills, maintenance and development of DSCT CIRCLE. All final decisions as to the allocation and spending of funds in DSCT CIRCLE funding pot will be by DSCT Trustees.  

As declared by DSCT Trustees ~ 20 June 2020.