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iLien (ILN) is a new cryptocurrency coin/token, contractually tethered to the spot rate of 1g of gold. iLien is created in an innovative way, from commercial liens which have been perfected against unverifiable debts, mortgages, etc. These liens are contractually converted into ILN coins/tokens, and are then available to buy, trade/swap, or share with other like-minded people.

Ilien uniquely can neither be termed a debt-based nor credit-based currency, in the traditional sense. And anyone can access ILN, thus abundance for everyone!

The iLien project also has an ethereum-based reward token, derived from ILN on a phased basis, called e-iLien (EILN).

When quantities of ILN are burnt out of circulation, similar quantities of EILN are minted into circulation. EILN trades in Ethereum defi (decentralised finance) cryptocurrency pools.

ILN wallet holders can qualify for swap allocations of EILN against the ILN they hold, after each minting of EILN. EILN currently has a small tradeable value, but once it has built a larger investment base through purchasing and/or liquidity pools, the value is expected to rise to at least the value of 1g of gold or much more.

How can you help this project?

If you have ever queried unverifiable debts, mortgages, etc, made against you, you may wish to follow the step by step commercial procedure to perfect a lien (see lien procedure below). When complete, you can apply to convert your perfected lien into ILN. After your lien conversion, you will receive half the value of your lien in ILN, and the other half in ILN goes into the community pools for distribution to community good causes, monthly ILN wallet bonuses, new EILN for circulation, rewards of EILN pool providers, etc. Every contractual lien conversion is receipted, and the lien debtor is forgiven, as the lien value is now held in the new ILN coin released into circulation.

To obtain EILN, you can purchase it (see the buying process described below), and there is also a specific procedure to qualify and follow, in order to convert allocations of your ILN into EILN. Currently there is a push to drive up the number of EILN users on the platform, as the project requires a minimum number of EILN wallet holders, to gain access to more trading platforms. By buying and/or trading in EILN you will expand the project awareness and enhance both ILN’s and EILN’s value, which ultimately benefits all who partake in this abundance project.

iLien Links and Processes

iLien website:

Buy iLien (ILN):

Process to be followed for perfecting mortgage liens before lien conversion to iLien: (this process must be strictly followed and completed within the recommended timeframes before attempting lien conversion to iLien)

You can read a summary of the mortgage lien perfecting and conversion process here:

You may also want to watch “The Great British Mortgage Swindle” documentary:

Apply for lien conversion to iLien and/or apply for iLien Good Cause community project funding:

e-iLien Links and Processes

e-iLien website:

Buying/swapping/trading e-iLien is a changing landscape, as the process of e-iLien (EILN) being added to various cryptocurrency trading platforms develops. Resources will be added here as information changes.

Currently ILN and EILN can be activated within AtomicDex wallets.

When the project first started, some people created Agama wallets – this is no longer recommended as they are being phased out. There is a process for recovering your Agama wallet with any ILN coins in it, into your (new) AtomicDex wallet – see instructions.

Download instructions: Recover your (old) Agama wallet into AtomicDex wallet (December 2020).

Video and instructions – Create new AtomicDex wallet, enable ILN and EILN in AtomicDex (January 2021):

Download instructions: Create new AtomicDex wallet, enable ILN and EILN (January 2021).

Video and instructions – Update or create AtomicDex wallet, enable ILN and EILN, enable fiat value for EILN in AtomicDex (February 2021):

Download instructions: Update/Create your AtomicDex wallet, enable ILN and EILN, and Enable Fiat Value to Show for EILN (February 2021).

Buying and Trading e-iLien

In order to acquire EILN, you can either purchase EILN directly by swapping it with Ethereum (ETH), or buy/access ILN and change it into EILN (via a specific batch allocation process).

Video and instructions: How to Buy EILN by swapping ETH using Uniswap and Metamask in 5 Steps [26 February 2021]:

To buy EILN, you need to purchase Ethereum (ETH) first via a crypto trading platform like Wirex, Crypto or Coinbase, then swap ETH for EILN using Uniswap and MetaMask as explained in the video and instructions below. You will need the latest version of AtomicDex first – see video and instructions above.

Download instructions: Create MetaMask wallet, link AtomicDex to MetaMask, enable EILN in MetaMask, buy EILN with ETH using Uniswap/MetaMask – version 2.2 (February 2021).

Once you have set up AtomicDex wallet(s) and purchased/accessed some ILN, as well as set up EILN, you may wish to transfer some of your ILN into EILN.

To change your ILN to EILN (via a phased batch allocation/distribution process), follow the process here:

Please trade responsibly. It is not recommended at this stage that you sell EILN. This is not a short-term, get-rich scheme – patience and common sense are needed so that we enable wealth and abundance for everyone, rather than an elite few.

Learn more about Cryptocurrency in general – see Boxmining channel on Youtube:

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