Universal Community Trust

Universal Community Trust [UCT] is an umbrella trust declaring independence, sovereignty and jurisdiction under Natural Law for all the autonomous, sovereign AnarchoNations (also known as Sovereign Community Trusts or AnarchoTrusts) which sit under UCT.

Under each of those are numerous Private Living/Family Trusts (with their own trustees and beneficiaries), which are beneficiaries of the AnarchoNations/Sovereign Community Trusts.

How do you ‘join’ the UCT?

As an individual, there are various ways to join UCT. You can join UCT either as a trustee of an AnarchoNation/Sovereign Community Trust; and/or as a trustee or beneficiary of a Private Living/Family Trust. Naturally, trustees have more responsibilities, as they are overseers of the trusts.

Treaty of UCT

In order to understand more about the aims, objectives and purpose of the UCT, please read the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, or watch the video below (original source: https://www.thebernician.net/treaty-of-universal-community-trust-2/):

When you join UCT, either as a trustee or a beneficiary, you will be pledging yourself, and the trustees and beneficiaries of your AnarchoTrust/Sovereign Community Trust and Private Living/Family Trust will also pledge, to live by each and every point in the Treaty of UCT.

A brief summary, which encompasses some of the main points of the UCT Treaty, is in the affirmation of the beneficiaries, declaring they will use their best endeavours to achieve the following aspirations for the highest benefit of themselves and their community:

1. Absorbing all knowledge worth knowing and preserving the wisdom of truth for future generations.
2. Living under the guiding principles of Natural Law, as set out in the Treaty of Universal Community Trust.
3. Providing a share of the fruits of our Sweat Equity to our community free of financial charge or interest, as and when required, appropriate and necessary, in accordance with our pledges to be individually responsible for our mutually beneficial and harmonious Cooperative Trade Network.
4. Endeavouring to identify, engage and fulfil our true purpose on this planet, as unique fragments of Divine Consciousness, in our eternal spiritual quest for Self-Realisation.
5. Loving every sentient being without conditions for all eternity.

How will we achieve this?

UCT aspires to create a better and different world where ordinary people are free of financial enslavement through the current money system, which is based on debt, austerity, interest and profits, and is rigged in favour of a few at the expense of the many, and which is tightly controlled by wealthy elites, private banks, governments, high street banks, corporations, the justice system and big pharma.

UCT is committed to ending all unfair systems which control, harm, injure and cause loss to people and planet Earth, enabling ordinary people to live their lives free from enslavement and entrapment, in abundant, peaceful, harmonious environments, able to explore and reach their full potential as loving and complex beings, in tune with planet Earth and Natural Law.

One of the ways currently being explored of settling debts and freeing people financially is through common law liens.

You can read a summary of the lien process here: https://www.thebernician.net/lien-on-banksters-a-potential-remedy-for-11-million-void-mortgagors/

You will also need to watch “The Great British Mortgage Swindle” documentary: https://www.thegreatbritishmortgageswindle.net/

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