Drunemeton SCT ~ Our Constitution

Drunemeton Sovereign Community Trust (DSCT) is a Private Living Trust and an independent, sovereign micro-nation within Universal Community Trust (UCT). DSCT was first declared on 19 August 2012, then renewed on 15 June 2020, by two founding Trustees. DSCT consists of a number of Trustees and Beneficiaries as its members, and more join from time to time, when new people apply and are approved, as per an established process.

As DSCT is part of UCT, the UCT Treaty, based on Common Law and Natural Law, is at the core of the Constitution of DSCT. Thus the Constitution of DSCT must always be read in conjunction with the UCT Treaty.

Our Constitution, which appears below, summarises what we regard as the core principles and values within UCT Treaty, which we at DSCT particularly strive to uphold, and lists some additional key guidelines and protocols for DSCT.

1. DSCT is a sovereign, independent micro-nation within UCT, and as such we are a group of free men and women living as per the established principles of Natural Law, sometimes referred to as Common Law, which can be summarised thus: ‘Do no harm, cause no loss, and accept no wrongdoing against you’.

2. DSCT is directed at working towards the dismantling of current industries, systems and practices which harm people, animals, plants and planetary ecosystems, with the view to putting in place more naturally-tuned, sustainable, fair and ecologically-minded ones.

3. DSCT was established on the premise that all human beings should have the right to own a home, bring up their family, grow food, access clean air, water and soil, make their own lifestyle and health choices, and develop their individual self-realisation and self-determination – all inalienable rights we are born with.

4. DSCT is minded that in living and looking after their families, human beings should not do this to the detriment of other beings we share this planet with – whether other humans, animals or plants – as far as is realistically possible.

5. DSCT was conceived so that communities within our micro-nation will have the natural right to make their own decisions about their members and communities, solve conflicts and carry out justice, and defend themselves from attack as they see fit, but within the realms of UCT Treaty and Natural Law.

6. It was with these assertions in mind that DSCT set out a proposal for an off-grid, sustainable community called Drunemeton SCT CIRCLE, which we aim to eventually build for members to live in, or enable similar communities to be formed for members, based on the same premises as Drunemeton SCT CIRCLE.

7. DSCT aims to manage, support and protect the affairs of all its Trustees and Beneficiaries, as per Natural Law, the UCT Treaty, which stands in international law, and Magna Carta 2020.

8. All Trustees and Beneficiaries of DSCT have Grade 1 Diplomatic Immunity from all United Kingdom statutes, bills, legislation and penalties.

9. DSCT is especially focused on the rights of all its Trustees and Beneficiaries to control, manage and maintain their personal health as they wish, and all Trustees and Beneficiaries of DSCT are exempt from any ‘mandated’ or ‘recommended’ medical interventions or treatments, including but not limited to medications, vaccinations, x-rays, scans or testing, without their full informed consent.

10. DSCT will intervene and prosecute any and all persons acting in violation of its Trustees’ and Beneficiaries’ rights.

11. In order to join DSCT, potential Trustees and Beneficiaries must follow the established process of signing up at the UCT website, following the instructions and completing the Private Living Family Trust template document they receive via email. They will then be directed to contact their nearest SCT within UCT, and if DSCT and approved by DSCT Trustees, they will be invited to join DSCT and will sign an Affirmation of Beneficiaries document, along with DSCT Trustees. A summary of the joining process can be viewed here.

12. Any disputes amongst members of DSCT will be settled within the DSCT community as far as is possible, with the final say by DSCT Trustees. If all avenues to settle a dispute have been exhausted within the DSCT community without a dispute being settled, DSCT Trustees and/or Beneficiaries can apply to other UCT Trustees to help settle the dispute.

As declared by DSCT Trustees ~ 22/07/2021.