A New Syndicate of Trusts – More Power to Us!

Drunemeton SCT, a Sovereign Community Trust (SCT) or micro-nation within UCT, has joined forces with other SCTs in the region, namely Eastseaxe SCT, Iceni SCT and Eastengla SCT, to create the mighty East Anglian Syndicate of Trusts (EAST).

What does this mean?

We now have more resources at our disposal, including more trustees and beneficiaries, bringing more expertise, knowledge, life experiences, skills and creativity – and all four SCTs will assist each other with presentations, events, and of course helping those that are most important, our SCT beneficiaries, with whatever financial or legal challenges they might face.

More people is more power, whichever way you look at it. If you’re already part of us, or are thinking of joining UCT, this syndicate means we’re in a better position to fight and win the war against tyranny and set up our intended off-grid communities in our own non-governmental UCT jurisdiction. EAST means more strength, more durability, and more determination, from more like-minded souls!

Who are the members of EAST?

All trustees and beneficiaries who are already part of any of the following SCTs are automatically part of EAST too.

Drunemeton SCT – covering the current areas known as Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. We’re also looking after two currently dormant SCTs, Lothlorien SCT and Heorotfordscir SCT.

We at Drunemeton SCT, one of the original SCTs declared in 2021, are proud to be taking these wonderfully pioneering steps into creating a better world for us all. Our deep love and respect for the community and everyone’s right to self-governance and freedom from tyranny is at the heart of all we do. The founding trustees, Dale and Kathryn, invite you to take a look around this website and especially at our community blueprint which we’ve called CIRCLE.

Our Telegram group: https://t.me/DrunemetonTrust_UCT
Eastseaxe SCT – covering the current area known as Essex.

Eastseaxe SCT has gained much interest in recent weeks and months. We have cofounded East Anglian Syndicate of Trusts (EAST) along with Drunemeton SCT and Iceni SCT, and are now joined by the newly formed Eastengla SCT.

Laura, the founding trustee of Eastseaxe SCT says, “Having become aware of the poisonous and murderous nature of the beast before reaching puberty; physical and mental health are of great interest to me along with the truth about the origin of man and religion.”

At the first UCT Gathering in Somerset in August 2021, Laura provided a workshop for UCT trustees, beneficiaries and prospective members and participated in many other workshops. Laura has reached out to groups of likeminded people from various parts of Essex and joined their Telegram groups in order to bring them news of upcoming UCT events. She has passed on the organisation of her local Stand in the Park (SiTP) to another member of the group and begun visiting a selection of SiTPs in Essex to get to know their communities and promote UCT as the only viable and holistic solution to the tyranny imposed upon us by governments all over the earth. Laura promotes UCT at every opportunity and will continue to do so via events, word of mouth, and of course, by wearing UCT promotional clothing!

Our Telegram group: https://t.me/EastseaxeTrust_UCT
Iceni SCT – covering the current area known as Suffolk.

Our Telegram group: https://t.me/Iceni_SCT
Eastengla SCT – covering the current area known as Norfolk.

Eastengla SCT is a new SCT, based in Lowestoft. Founding trustees, Matt C and Matt W, have been researching, collaborating and learning together for over 15 years, with UCT being the synchronistic destination of a life’s work and journey.

We aim for Eastengla SCT to be part of the solution for mankind, and a kinder, fairer, and just world for future generations.

Our special interests, knowledge and focus in Eastengla SCT are:

– Self-determination, critical thinking, empowering others to fulfil their purpose and calling
– Alternative energy
– Equity
– Hemp
– Freedom of thought, speech and expression

Our Telegram group: https://t.me/eastenglasct

Does EAST change how you join UCT?

No, the process of joining UCT, including signing up for the Join-UCT emails, following the instructions to create your Family Trust, then reaching out to apply to your nearest SCT (assuming it’s one of the SCTs within EAST), is the same.

What’s different if you’ve already joined us?

If you’ve already been accepted as a member of Drunemeton SCT or any of the other SCTs in EAST, it means you’re now also part of a powerful force in the EAST!

Lion artwork by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

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