Fluoride, a Toxin, in your Drinking Water?

A form of man-made Fluoride, a co-product from the phosphate fertilizer industry, is added to certain public water supplies (a process called Fluoridation), for the purposes of reducing dental caries (or that’s what we’re told).

This is despite the fact that numerous scientific studies have shown that:

1. Fluoride in drinking water doesn’t reduce tooth decay.

2. These forms of Fluoride are dangerous toxins, which cause numerous serious health problems and diseases.

3. Ingesting too much Fluoride is now commonplace, and this causes a dental disease called Fluorosis.

4. Some of the most controversial and dangerous negative side-effects of continual ingestion of Fluoride are brain defects, neurological diseases, lowered IQ, and cancer.

All this of course begs the question – Why, in the face of so many alarming side-effects, does there seem to be an agenda to ‘medicate’ us with Fluoride, without our consent?

Find out more in our downloadable PDF here: Fluoride-in-our-drinking-water-updated-March-2017

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Header image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay