Join Drunemeton SCT

Drunemeton Sovereign Community Trust (DSCT) is a micro-nation within Universal Community Trust (UCT).

To join us, you must first sign up at the UCT website to start the UCT joining process (more details below). There is no charge, no obligation and no time limit. Signing up there will result in you receiving a series of emails, with all the template documents, instructions, explanations and tutorial videos you need for the joining process.

When you get to the point in the Join-UCT emails where you’re asked to contact your nearest SCT, and it’s Drunemeton SCT, we’d like to know if you would be a good fit for our community.

Please make sure you’ve worked through the following key information before contacting Drunemeton SCT:

Treaty of Universal Community Trust ~ essential for anyone wishing to join the UCT

Constitution of Drunemeton SCT ~ the Treaty or Manifesto of DSCT

Magna Carta 2020 ~ most relevant for those living in current UK

Introduction to Prospective Members of UCT SCTs ~ questions to get you thinking about why you wish to join the UCT and what you will contribute to your community

Once you’ve gone through the information, feel free to contact us at Drunemeton SCT, and we’ll arrange an informal in-person or online meeting to get to know you better.

If you and we feel that we have similar values and principles, we’ll invite you to join our extended community. We, you and any Trustees of your Private Family Trust will then sign an Affirmation of Beneficiaries Deed, which will link your Private Family Trust to our SCT and thus also to the UCT.

More Details about the UCT Joining Process

When you sign up for the Join-UCT emails, these are the steps you’ll go through:

Step One: The first few emails will encourage you to look further into the UCT and UCT Treaty, as well as take you through declaring your Private Living Family Trust (template included in emails), which is the first action required when joining the UCT. You can view a tutorial video on completing your Family Trust document here.

Step Two: You will be directed by the next few emails to apply to one of the UCT’s existing Sovereign Community Trusts (SCTs), in order to become a beneficiary Family Trust within their SCT. As part of the approval process, we will ask you to consider your answers to these questions for prospective members of UCT SCTs and discuss them with the Trustees of the SCT you’re applying to join. There will usually be an informal meeting with the SCT Trustees at this stage, for you and them to get to know each other.

Step Three: Once approved by the SCT, the final emails will direct you and the SCT Trustees to sign an Affirmation of Beneficiaries Deed (template included in emails, and see below) to conclude the joining process. You can view a tutorial video on completing the Affirmation of Beneficiaries document here.

More about Affirmation of Beneficiaries (Step Three)

Once you’ve created your Family Trust, applied to join your nearest SCT, and been approved to join them, the final step in the joining process will be to pledge, along with the other Trustee(s) and older Beneficiaries of your Family Trust, and the Trustees of the SCT you’re joining, to live by the guiding principles of Natural Law and community values, as set out in the Treaty of UCT.

You will do this via the Affirmation of Beneficiaries Deed, whereby you and they commit to using your best endeavours to achieve the following aspirations for the highest benefit of yourselves and your community:

1. Absorbing all knowledge worth knowing and preserving the wisdom of truth for future generations.
2. Living under the guiding principles of Natural Law, as set out in the Treaty of Universal Community Trust.
3. Providing a share of the fruits of our Sweat Equity to our community free of financial charge or interest, as and when required, appropriate and necessary, in accordance with our pledges to be individually responsible for our mutually beneficial and harmonious Cooperative Trade Network.
4. Endeavouring to identify, engage and fulfil our true purpose on this planet, as unique fragments of Divine Consciousness, in our eternal spiritual quest for Self-Realisation.
5. Loving every sentient being without conditions for all eternity.

When you and the Trustees of the SCT you’re joining have signed the Affirmation of Beneficiaries Deed, this means that you and your fellow Trustees/Beneficiaries of your Private Living Family Trust have been accepted into the SCT and thus into the UCT.

When you have gained some experience with the UCT by being part of an existing SCT, there may be an opportunity for you to declare a new SCT in your area/country, of which you would become a Trustee (essentially a leader of a micro-nation within UCT), with numerous beneficiary Family Trusts being members of your SCT.