Joining a Sovereign Community Trust within UCT

This is the information and set of questions we usually refer people to, when they have completed their UCT Family Trust document and have contacted their nearest Sovereign Community Trust (SCT) to apply to join them. We encourage applicants to consider their answers to the questions below, so that they and the SCT Trustees get to know each other and can evaluate whether the UCT, and that specific SCT, are a good fit for them.

This is not a test – just some ideas for reflection and discussion. Once applicants are approved to join an SCT, they and the SCT Trustees will then sign an Affirmation of Beneficiaries document, which is the final step in joining the UCT.

If you have received this introduction and questions, we assume you have signed up to join UCT at and completed your Family Trust/Private Trust document as instructed in the Join-UCT series of emails. If you haven’t done so yet, please do that before continuing here.

Introduction to prospective new members of UCT SCTs

First and foremost, the UCT and its member Sovereign Community Trusts [SCTs] are, by definition, communities of like-minded individuals who, out of necessity, have come together to help, support and nurture each other in a way that society in general does not recognise or perhaps, even allow.

Consequently, such communities are very protective of the dynamic that they share and, whilst being open to the possibility of meeting others of like mind, they wish to preserve the values, intentions and approaches that brought them together in the first place.

It therefore makes sense that they feel a great sense of responsibility to themselves, each other and to YOU when considering who else to accept as a part of their particular community. This is not in any way to be exclusive or elitist, but to preserve the very things that brought them together and which they value . . . For example, most people can probably see that it would probably not be a great idea for a community of people who are committed to being “off-grid” to admit avid “gamers” to their ranks (this is just an example to illustrate potential incompatibility and not a commentary on either choice!) . . . . it’s simply common-sense and defence of the common-unity.

For those wishing to join existing SCTs, it is therefore important for the existing members of those SCTs to know who you are, why you wish to join their ranks, and how you will fit into their existing community structure (even if they have not yet created a sustainable, off-grid community with members living as a community). For those reasons, we would be grateful if you would carefully consider exactly why it is you wish to join, and to use this opportunity to introduce yourself/ves to your prospective new community.

Considering your answers to the following questions may help you to do so. They are not exhaustive and do not replace or override any other principles or procedures already in place in the community you wish to join. Note that the questions are not meant to be a questionnaire for you to complete, but rather to serve as a prompt and guide for your thoughts and notes.

In searching your soul for the answers to these very important questions, it is vitally important that you are completely honest with both the community and with yourself. Your honest answers, thoughts and ideas will create not just the expectations of your community, but the standards by which you yourself are asking to be judged and/or accepted. Think carefully before responding and do so fully, completely and from the place of your deepest sense of who you really are.

You can download a printable version of this page’s text (introduction and questions) here.

For those wishing to join a UCT SCT – consider your answers to these questions:

Perhaps make some notes about them. You may be asked some or all of these questions as part of initial, informal discussions when you apply to an SCT to join them. This is NOT a questionnaire and we do NOT expect written answers in reply (unless you wish to do so, or have specifically been asked to do so):

1) Why is it that you want to join the UCT, and this Sovereign Community Trust [SCT] in particular?

2) How much do you know about the SCT and its values? In what way(s) do they align with your own? Which parts of the UCT Treaty particularly resonate with you?

3) What changes / adaptations do you think joining the SCT will require of you and your family? Are you all agreed that these are steps that you wish to take fully and enthusiastically? What might be your first steps?

4) What particular knowledge, skills, values or approaches do you feel you have that would be of value to your new community? What can they expect of you as members and what are your expectations of them?

5) Please tell us about yourselves, your journey and what brought you here. You may find this easier to do by making a short video introduction where each of you introduce yourselves with the suggestions above in mind, but that is your choice, and a written or verbal response is just as good.

6) What is the most pressing issue that you are facing now and that the community may be able to help with? Do not assume that no-one will understand – you might be surprised by the wealth of knowledge and experience you find here. Be specific, be open and honest about urgency and any external pressures you feel.

7) If you could say anything else about yourselves or show anything that might convey to your community what your values, aspirations and intentions are, what would it be? (You might wish to consider past actions, projects, current efforts or significant achievements. Be creative, show the best version of yourself/ves.)

8) Lastly (or not – feel free to add to this as you choose), if you were starting such a community from scratch, how would it look? What would it value? Who would be the members? How would they interact, support and involve each other in the common goals of the community? What would those goals be?

Thank you for taking the time to take these important first steps to join our community.

We value the careful thought you have put into sharing yourself/ves with us and look forward to proposing the next steps when we have, as a community, learned a little more about you.

A note about privacy: We respect that some of the information you share may be sensitive, so please be reassured that it will stay within UCT.

If you have received this introduction and questions, we assume you have signed up to join UCT at and completed your Family Trust/Private Trust document as instructed in the Join-UCT series of emails. If you haven’t done so yet, please do that before continuing here.

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