Universal Community Trust

Universal Community Trust [UCT] is an umbrella trust, declared through the UCT Treaty, which also declared independence, sovereignty and jurisdiction under Natural Law for all the autonomous Sovereign Community Trusts (also known as AnarchoNations, AnarchoTrusts or micronations) which sit under UCT.

Under each of those are numerous Private Living Family Trusts (with their own trustees and beneficiaries), and these Private Living Family Trusts are beneficiaries of the Sovereign Community Trusts.

Video introduction to UCT

UCT structure and principles

This image summarises the structure of the UCT, including the UCT umbrella Trust, the Sovereign Community Trusts [SCTs], and the Private Family Trusts, as well as the values and principles which underpin the UCT, as outlined in the UCT Treaty.

UCT Treaty

In order to understand more about the purpose, aims, objectives and principles of the UCT, please read the whole text of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust, and/or watch the video below:

Video source: https://www.thebernician.net/treaty-of-universal-community-trust-2/ [accessed 15/02/2021]

How will UCT achieve what it sets out to do?

UCT aspires to create a better and different world where ordinary people are free of financial enslavement through the current money system, which is based on debt, austerity, interest and profits, and is rigged in favour of a few at the expense of the many, and which is tightly controlled by wealthy elites, private banks, governments, high street banks, corporations, the justice system and big pharma.

UCT is committed to ending all unfair systems which control, harm, injure and cause loss to people and planet Earth, enabling ordinary people to live their lives free from enslavement and entrapment, in abundant, peaceful, harmonious environments, able to explore and reach their full potential as loving and complex beings, in tune with planet Earth and Natural Law.

Some of the ways currently being explored of settling debts and freeing people financially are through alternative money/payment systems, co-operative trade networks and cryptocurrency projects, with the ultimate aim of enabling debt-free abundance for everyone in our communities.

How do you ‘join’ the UCT?

We encourage you to find out everything you can about the UCT, by reading all the information on the UCT website, including the UCT Treaty (also discussed above).

When you’re sure that you resonate with the UCT’s values and principles, sign up at the Join UCT page. This will result in you receiving a series of emails, with all the template documents, instructions, explanations and tutorial videos you need for the joining process. You can read more about how to join UCT and Drunemeton SCT here.